Choosing a counsellor

The key to finding a counsellor in your area does require some research, whether it is word of mouth, or searching online. There are lots of choices of counsellors which may appear confusing. Most potential clients ask three important questions:

•    Can I help?
•    How much do I charge?
•    How long will it take?

It is essential to know with whom you are going to discuss personal details, share past experiences and know that you can trust that person. I do encourage the client to ‘shop around’ in their area, maybe look at several websites, and talk to a few therapists, just as we would do when choosing any skilled professional.

Some points to consider:

Counsellor’s website their photo, details of their experience and anything else you need to know

Qualifications how many hours of practice? What model of theory does the counsellor use and what skills? CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Theory, Mindfulness, Person Centred are some examples).  

Professional body BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy) monitor their members by using an accreditation process. If the logo has a red rosette next to the name this means that the counsellor is accredited, a bench mark of more than 450 hours of experience with clients.

How much most counsellors in the South East charge £40-£50, although the profession is not regulated so some may charge more. This is for one hour or 50 minutes.

Availability how soon can the counsellor offer an appointment?

Contact either Robin or Nicky if you have any further questions.