Supervision and Training



We are both Supervisors in organisations and private practice, supervising individuals and groups depending on the needs of the individual or the organisation. Between us we have ten years of supervision experience and continue to expand our supervision practices.

Supervision is either located at our individual private practice location in Kent or we are available to go to an organisation with groups, depending on their needs.

Our work as Supervisors is varied and we have experience with counsellors working in various settings such as private practice, schools, charitable organisations, hospitals, prisons and various locations.

Part of our supervision work is to assist supervisees to work towards Accreditation and to learn useful skills such as CORE assessment (Clinical Outcome Routine Evaluation) which is used in many counselling settings. 

Our experience is with both qualified and trainee counsellors. If you are still at college you are welcome to enquire about supervision.



£45 per hour for individual supervision

£50 per hour for group supervision



Kent Counselling Partnership offer training in small groups for health workers, alternative therapists, counsellors and other employees. We teach basic counselling skills or listening skills to groups or lead workshops which offer information on topics such as stress, anxiety, depression along with various other topics.

For further information we are happy to discuss our role as facilitators of groups for different organisations, depending on their needs.



£50 per hour

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